Stirring the Waters

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Stirring the Waters

Psalm 107:25  “He spoke, and the winds rose, stirring up the waves.”

In 2010, my family and I went through one of hardest trials a family can experience. It was through that trial, that the Lord taught my wife and I many lessons. One of those lessons being that we are not promised tomorrow, each day is a gift.  The time to do what God put us on this earth to do is NOW. An urgency came over my wife and I as God was “stirring up the waters” in our lives. We felt that NOW was the TIME more than ever to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for us to CRY out to GOD, and to see lives RESTORED by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While serving as Executive Pastor in 2012, the Lord began to “stir the waters” in our lives about planting a church. But feeling inadequate and allowing fear to control me, I dismissed the idea thinking that it was too hard and not for us. But the Lord, the One who “stirs the waters,” began to place Church planting on our hearts again in the spring of 2014. There were many times of crying out and questioning the Lord if He really wanted me to resign from my position as Executive Pastor to pursue starting a church? If so, then where would we plant? We had an opportunity to visit Austin, TX in the spring for a conference and we both fell in love with Austin. We began to pray about Austin and asking the Lord if Austin was where HE was calling us to next.


Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

As we prayed, the Lord began to put on our hearts a place that I never imagined that we would ever live again, even though we had never lost a love for that area. It was my hometown, Fayetteville, AR. Through several circumstances that were undeniably His hand, the Lord directed our steps back to NWA (Northwest Arkansas). So by FAITH, we packed up our belongings, sold our house, and relocated our family to NWA. The Lord has provided a home for us for now, a wonderful school that my kids love, and many other blessings along the way.

Even though it was hard to leave our friends behind in Texas, my wife and I both felt that the Lord was calling us back to NWA. In that process of packing up and getting our family ready to relocate in NWA, my continual prayer was for a name, vision and purpose for this ministry I felt Him calling us to do.  As I was praying one day in my office in Texas, the Lord revealed to me the name of the church. Vertical Community Church. Along with a name, a mission statement, (the reason Vertical Community Church exists) came as well.

Vertical Community Church exists to bring Glory to God, to display His love, and to see lives restored by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to show the LOVE of Christ so that others may experience this LOVE for themselves.

Vertical Community Church understands that a real encounter with Jesus changes everything. That is why we sense the urgency and calling to point people to Jesus Christ. It is all about Him and for Him. Our desire is to LOVE PEOPLE by pointing them to the One who created them. Our goal each week is to see lives restored by proclaiming the Gospel, to display His love, and to bring Glory to God in all we do…And to see more and more people each week LIVE VERTICALLY…

The Lord has brought us back to Northwest Arkansas to plant a Gospel-centered church that displays the love of Jesus to everyone. We are excited to see what God is going to do in NWA. We feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible calling to lead others to a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Why Plant a New Church?

Great question…especially when some people feel that there are enough well established churches already here in NWA as well as new churches that have began in the past couple of years.

Statistics show the most effective way to reach the un-churched is through new church plants; this is displayed all throughout the book of Acts.   So why plant a new Church? Simply because the Lord has led us back to NWA to do so, “Love is why we are here”. (1 John 4)


How can you join us in reaching NWA for Jesus Christ?

First of all, PRAY… when I say pray, I really mean CRY out to GOD. With only being here a few short weeks, the enemy has already tried to fiercely assail (Isaiah 54:15) us with his evil schemes and plans. We are now more than ever aware that coming here with a calling to preach truth of Jesus and desiring to see lives restored will not come easy, but we are also fully aware that the Lord of Heaven’s armies is on our side. We need people on their knees crying out to God for this endeavor.

Secondly, we need people who feel the Lord is “stirring up the waters” in their lives to join us. We need people who will stand side by side with us and encourage one another weekly to continue to pursue the calling on their lives. Please hear me in this – I do not desire to grow a church based on people leaving one church to go to another church. A person must attend a church only if the Lord is directing them.

If the Lord is speaking  to you about joining us, or if you have any questions, please contact me via email at We plan to begin gathering weekly in order to pray, study the Word together, and love on the community He has planted us in. It is my desire to also partner with other local churches in NWA to build the Kingdom of God.

Lastly, you can give to support this adventure of seeing NWA reached for Jesus Christ.

We are in the beginning stages of planting, but we are placing ourselves in POSITION of TRUSTING HIM. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to guide us and are excited to see Him move in NWA.

We would love for you to join us. Is the Lord “stirring the waters” in your life?


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